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Colbert Introduces a Disease-Ridden Restaurant Chain for Antivaxxers (Video)

”When you’re here, your family… ‘s in danger“

Stephen Colbert tackled antivaxxers in a chain restaurant-themed bit on Tuesday’s “The Late Show.”

Colbert kicked things off with a cold open gag — as always, inspired by real stuff — that imagined a restaurant tailor made for people who won’t get vaccinated.

Using as a jump off point the recent news of a mob of antivaxxers who went to the Olive Garden in Times Square, New York City, demanding to be served despite refusing to comply with the restaurant’s COVID policies, the gag was a fake ad for “COVID Garden. The only restaurant chain with absolutely no health regulations.”

According to the fake commercial, antivaxxers “tired of restaurants with an authoritarian vaccine mandate” can rest assured that COVID Garden employees never wash their hands. The restaurant also offers such delightful sounding entrees as “quarantini alfredo,” “spinach and artichoke diphtheria,” “fried mozzarubella sticks,” “spaghetti carbonanthrax,” and “chicken malaria.”

“Mmm, just like mom used to contract,” the ad promises.

Watch the whole cold open gag below now.

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