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Colbert: If Post Offices Are Forced to Put Up Pictures of Trump and Pence, They Should Be the Size of a Stamp (Video)

"Bonus: if you lick the back of the Trump stamp, he'll pay you $130,000 to say you didn't," Colbert joked on Friday's "The Late Show"

While the Trump administration and other Republicans in the U.S. government have been kind enough to not pile on the bad news the last couple Fridays, that didn't mean Stephen Colbert didn't have plenty of material for his monologue on "The Late Show" Friday night. Because while the end-of-week antics may not have had the wow factor of the Michael Cohen capers, or Trump violating the Iran nuclear deal or his inability to welcome home Americans who had been held prisoner by North Korea without being weird about it, these shenanigans were still shenanigan-y enough to be joke material.

One of the things Colbert went after on Friday night was the Republican bill proposing that portraits of Donald Trump and Mike Pence be required to be put up in all post offices.

"One GOP representative is introducing a bill that would force post offices to display pictures of Trump and Pence. And not the pictures that you're hoping for," Colbert said, as images of wanted posters for Trump and Pence appeared on screen. "The bill is the brainchild of New York representative and man whose fetish is doing it in the bed, Dan Donovan. It all started when Donovan received a complaint from a constituent that pictures of former President Obama and Vice President Biden were on display during their administration at her local post office, but pictures of President Trump and Vice President Pence were never put up.

"Okay, I mean, I get it. But think of the postal workers. Nobody wants to look at Trump all day. For Pete's sake, the head of my research department has to do that all day, and it's really taken its toll."

"The Late Show" then played a clip from the brainwashing scene in "A Clockwork Orange," but with Alex being forced to watch a video of Trump at a campaign rally.

"He's going to be fine. He's fine," Colbert continued. "But it turns out a US Postal Service regulation prevents the display of the president and the vice president, but the rule was never enforced. But Donovan is on top of fixing this not-problem, and his new bill requires 'the official portraits of the president and vice president shall be displayed side by side, be equal in size, and displayed at the same height.' Well, the law's the law, folks. So as a concerned citizen, I'd like to make a donation to my local post office. They're official portraits of President Trump and Vice President Pence. And because it's the post office, they're each the size of a postage stamp.

the late show with stephen colbert tiny pictures of donald trump and mike pence for the post office

"Bonus: if you lick the back of the Trump stamp, he'll pay you $130,000 to say you didn't."

As another bonus, Colbert also did a pretty killer impression of Eric Trump in his monologue, In which he looked like this:

the late show with stephen colbert eric trump impersonation

You can watch that Eric Trump impression and the rest of this portion of the monologue from the Friday night episode of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" in the video embedded at the top of this post.