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Colbert Bemoans Rachel Maddow Scaling Back Her MSNBC Show: ‘How Can I Do That?’

Maddow will go from hosting weeknights to just once a week next month and Colbert is a little bit jealous

It seems like Stephen Colbert might be a little envious of Rachel Maddow’s new work schedule.

The MSNBC host announced this week that she was scaling back her presence on her primetime weeknight’s program. Starting next month, she’ll make just one appearance a week (with rotating guests the other nights). And during his opening monologue on Tuesday, the “Late Show” host joked that he, too, would like to only work one night a week.

“Rachel, you’re breaking your fans’ hearts!” he bemoaned. “Don’t leave us with Laurence O’Donnell! He has dead eyes like a doll.”

Colbert added: “Rachel cutting back to one night a week raises an important question: Can you do that? More importantly, how can I do that? I’ve been doing a nightly show for 17 years. I’m aging faster than a bucket of unrefrigerated shrimp.”

Colbert then quoted a news article that said Maddow would be cutting back on her MSNBC show to in order to “work on other projects, like podcasts and potential TV dramas.”

“TV dramas?” Colbert scoffed. “I guess it’s only a matter of time before we get ‘Rachel in Paris.'”

Maddow revealed the news after returning from a two-month hiatus. Fans of “The Rachel Maddow Show” can tune in nightly for another few weeks until the end of April.