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‘Colbert Report’ Asks: Is Sochi Safe From the Gays? (Video)

Stephen Colbert sends Buddy Cole deep, deep undercover

The Winter Olympics are in full swing despite one group’s attempts to besmirch the sanctity of the international competition, Stephen Colbert noted on Wednesday’s “The Colbert Report.”

“The Sochi games have been under constant threat from a group of radicals who put the ‘men’ in fundamentalists,” Colbert said. “The gays.”

Colbert praised Russian leader Vladimir Putin for recognizing the danger posed by the gay community and for instituting a series of measures designed to crack down on gay protests.

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“Are those laws enough to keep homosexuality out of the Olympics? Well, until they make a bobsled out of glass, there’s no way to tell,” he noted.

To find out how effective the laws have been at keeping everything in Sochi on the straight and narrow, Colbert sent Buddy Cole, his former fraternity pal, deep, deep undercover. Armed with only a martini glass and a trunk of fabulous outfits, Cole found out where the gay protestors are doing their dirty work.

It’s down the highway, past the Black Sea, through a tunnel, over the mountains, past a viaduct and besides a place where you’d dump a body.

Free speech is alive and well.

Watch the video:

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