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Colbert Saves Christmas With ‘Third Base With Mrs Claus’ and Other Fake Song Classics (Video)

We laughed a lot at a very random, very silly Christmas-themed gag

For the cold open gag on Friday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert treated viewers to some painfully terrible attempts to make brand new Christmas song classics and the results were genuinely hilarious — though we might just be extremely in the spirit of the season.

Unlike other cold open gags, which normally riff off current events, nothing really inspired the gag other than the idea that it would be hilarious if people did bad Christmas songs. The premise is an ad for a new Christmas album, “The Late Show’s One Take Christmas Carols,” in which amateurs were put into a recording booth where they improvised some seasonal songs.

“By cutting out the songwriting process altogether, we were able to generate new Christmas classics in every style,” the ad promises. And it delivers too, though the songs are quite bad. They were, we’re told, all made up on the spot and honestly we kind of think maybe they were. Titles include:

“Peppermint the Christmas Mule”

“It’s Baby Jesus”

“Xylophone Christmas”

“The Day Santa Learned Excel”

“Gather ‘Round Jesus”

“Third Base With Mrs. Claus”

“Sexy Cousin Christmas”

Sadly, the terrible album isn’t sold in stores, the ad says. “But it is available on three separate hard drives filled with thousands of unlabeled audio files,” apparently.

Yeah look, it’s a really weird-dumb joke but we laughed a whole lot, and maybe you will too. Watch the whole thing below: