Colbert Wants to Add Eject Button For Trump at Next Debate (Video)

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” has a whole laundry list of button ideas the next moderator could use to control Trump

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The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was extremely hectic, thanks to Trump’s constant interruptions. And so there’s been plenty of discussion about what the Commission on Presidential Debates could do to make Trump behave. One idea is to let the moderator cut their mics if they won’t shut up, but “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” has plenty more creative ideas. Like an eject button.

Thursday night’s episode of “Colbert” opened as always with a short cold open skit that begins with a short news clip and continues on into some kind of over-the-top joke about Trump, like the one before the Republican National Convention comparing Trump to Thanos from the “Avengers” movies.

You can watch the sketch, which “The Late Show” shared on Twitter, just below.

This bit this time opened with a television reporter talking about measures that the Debates Commission might take during the next debate on Oct. 15. “It sounds like they really are now seriously considering the idea of possibly controlling the candidates’ microphones.”

The “Colbert bit then pivots with a title card: “And now, a preview of the remaining presidential debates.”

From there, we see splitscreen clips from the last debate, but with the moderator pressing a variety of different buttons that do….something to Trump’s feed whenever he tries to interrupt Biden. First up is mute. Then a button that makes him speak Spanish. Then one that turns Trump into a silent movie villain with a tophat and a handlebar mustache. Then a fast forward button that makes Trump sound like a chipmunk.

Then a dogwhistle button, which just prompts Trump’s “Stand back and stand by” message to the white supremacist group Proud Boys. Then just a button that says “Dog” — that one turns him into a dog who just says “bark, bark, and white supremacy.”

And lastly, and eject button, which sends Trump flying out of the room.


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