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Comcast Starts ‘Integration’ With NBCU

Los Angeles executives headed to New York next week for melding meetings

I’m hearing that Comcast has set up joint meetings next week in New York between executives from its cable properties, led by E!, and executives from NBC-Universal, the purpose of which is to begin ‘integration.’

That usually means that at the end of that process, someone no longer has a job.

But of course, that someone won’t be NBCU chief Jeff Zucker. (OK, OK, lay off the Zucker-bashing.)

I"ve been advised to read Comcast COO Steve Burke’s words today carefully. Speaking to a State of the Net conference sponsored by the Advisory Committee for the Congressional Internet Caucus in Washington, Roberts said of Zucker: “We have said Jeff’s going to be the CEO of the company, reporting to (COO) Steve Burke. I am optimistic that when we get to Day 1, we will have a full plan that is exciting.”

Said one insider: "He said that Jeff Zucker will be the CEO on Day One." Which means, day Two might bring something else.

I’ve also learned that Burke was out on the left coast meeting with NBCU executives on his own this month, for the first time since the announced acquisition.

Zucker had previously been careful to stay close to Burke and Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, and had been careful that top people like NBC chief Jeff Gaspin or Universal president Ron Meyer did not meet with Burke on their own.

What did they say about the company, and about Zucker, in the mogul’s absence? And what kinds of questions was Burke asking them?

No one takes Steve Burke for a dummy. He is not blind nor deaf — and he knows how the network looks to the world.

Not sure what measures he might take, but it certainly appears as if he’s looking for options.