Comedians React to Louis CK Sexual Misconduct Allegations: ‘It’s Our Culture That Damns Us’

C.K. was accused by multiple women of inappropriate sexual behavior

Louis CK
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Louis C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct by five women in a New York Times report on Thursday; C.K.’s publicist, Lewis Kay told TheWrap on Thursday that “in the coming days, Louis will issue a written statement.”

Until then, a number of his fellow comedians come out with their own statements on social media. Many said they had heard rumors about his conduct in the past and voiced the hope that the recent wave of public accusations will prevent men in Hollywood and entertainment from continuing to get away with bad behavior.

“I dealt w/a lot of BS w/my show…I stupidly told people about incidents that happened and some people didn’t believe me, mostly because I was already seen as difficult by people,” wrote Cristela Alonzo, a stand-up comic and the former star and creator of a short-lived self-titled ABC sitcom. “It makes me feel better to see women saying things that happened to them and having people believe them.”

A number of male comedians also condemned the allegations against C.K., including “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander. “Gentlemen, comedy is often inappropriate,” he wrote on Twitter. “It is sometimes daring and audacious and shocking. But our behavior, in the real world, toward women – that doesn’t get a pass on inappropriate.”

Jen Kirkman, who had previously been linked to C.K. in speculative media reports, spoke out against him in a series of tweets. She also criticized the way people talk about sexual harassment and called out the “culture that damns [women] if we [speak out] or don’t or shames us if we have made peace.”

“Though he apologized for his one time comment to me, I will no longer casually call Louie a friend. I can’t support what I now KNOW are his contributions to the power dynamic in this business,” she wrote, vowing to spend the rest of the day using her platform to promote women in comedy.

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