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Comic-Con 2017: TheWrap Presents ‘The Superhero Scoop’ (Video)

TheWrap’s resident fanboy gives a preview of what to expect this week in San Diego

With Comic-Con 2017 in full swing this week in San Diego, TheWrap presents “The Superhero Scoop,” a new video series covering breaking news in the world of superhero movies.

In the first episode, TheWrap’s resident fanboy Umberto Gonzalez gives us a preview of what to (hopefully) expect during Comic-Con inside Hall H.

20th Century Fox, DC Entertainment, and Marvel Studios have all staked out prime real estate in Hall H this year, and you can bet each studio is bringing its superhero A-game with them.

So what does that mean for the thousands of fans swarming on San Diego this week? Watch the video to find out — and be sure to check back with us next week for a recap of went down during the con.