Comic-Con Highlights: ‘Twilight,’ Stan Lee, Geeks and the Governator

Guest Blog: Kristen Stewart and her fellow "Twilight" series stars lit up Comic-Con, along with Stan Lee and "The Expendables" gang

"The Twilight Saga — Breaking Dawn: Part 2"

In a small press conference held at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel immediately before the cast's final appearance in Hall H, the vampires were brought in two separate groups to discuss the emotional finale of the successful "Twilight" series.

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Jason Rathbone, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Ashley Green and Kellan Lutz were lead in by Elizabeth Rease of the Cullen clan. Rease was asked what she thought about the throngs of fans who'd been lining up for days, and said she understood their passion because it is something that wouldn't be far-fetched for her to do either — if it involves musician Jack White or actress Juliette Binoche.

Peter Facinelli also empathized with fans' loyalty and dedication to the "Twilight" phenomenon.

"Coming to Comic-Con and seeing all these people lined up for days puts it into perspective. It's amazing how movies in general can bring people together for something they are passionate about. Anytime something like this brings people together in a positive way is a good thing," Facinelli concluded. 

But the elephant in the room was not addressed: There was no discussion regarding the tragic death of a fan who had been waiting in line for Hall H a few days earlier and was struck by a car while crossing the street.

Author Stephanie Meyer, followed by child actor Mackenzie Foy, headed the second group, which included the big three: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Nostalgia was the buzzword during the Q&A with reporters during the second half of the press conference.

The group was asked what they’ll miss most about this very successful movie run.

"I will miss showing up to work and knowing exactly what my character was like," said Kristen Stewart. "The first year, when I started this movie, I would get nervous when I would show up to film. Now, year after year of filming the same character, it was very easy," said a reflective Stewart.

Though the long-awaited conclusion to the blockbuster series penned by Meyer isn't in theaters yet, the cast was asked how they felt about talk of rebooting the franchise.

A relaxed and jovial Stewart admitted she wouldn't mind if someone else took on the role of Bella.

But Stephanie Meyer was quick to add a rebuttal to the same question. “I pity the person who tries to step into these roles; that's going to be really hard," said the novelist, looking longingly at Lautner, Pattinson and Stewart.

"This is what love is, and it's just not going to be the same," added Meyer.


Stan Lee's World of Heroes

What happens when you get Stan Lee and Mark Hamill to work together? A new project called “World of Heroes,” which features both iconic figures on a whole new channel.

Stan Lee brought a few of his closest collaborators to Comic-Con and introduced his latest venture into digital programming launching on YouTube — the new frontier in digital entertainment.

Adrienne Curry, Peter David, Jace Hall, Bonnie Burton and America Young will be taking part in a series of both scripted and unscripted web shows focusing on all things related to Stan Lee's World of Heroes and the fans who appreciate their timeless tales.

A few of the titles you will see on Lee's YouTube channel include “FanWars,” “Stan Lee's Super Model,” “Stan Lee's Academy of Heroes,” “Super Fans,” “Cocktails with Stan,” “DIY Geek,” “Geek Therapy” and “HeadCases.”

Fans of sci-fi and fantasy worlds will find their comfort zones in these shows made with them in mind.

In “DIY Geek,” crafting queen Bonnie Burton will show viewers how to express their inner geeks in some unexpected ways, involving a lot of glitter, glue and googly eyes.

 “Geek Therapy with America Young” will help closet geeks knock down those doors and let their geek flags fly free. "Don't stay silent about your geek problems," Young advises.


“The Expendables 2”

If the manliest cast around could bottle the combination of muscles, virility, and sheer ability to kick butt on screen and sell it to the masses who worship them, then Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Liam Hemsworth, Randy Couture, and Dolph Lundgren wouldn't have to lift another dumbbell for the rest of their lives.

Judging by the screams of adoration at the bulging 6,500 seat Hall H, "The Expendables" have become indispensable for those who prefer their superheroes with flesh and brawn instead of capes and tights.

However, the undisputable highlight of this panel was the appearance of California’s former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a formal comeback to the big screen after an eight-year absence.

A fan's pointed question to the Governator addressed his fitness and stamina for his role as a ruthless mercenary in the growing Expendables franchise.

"Yes, there were some moments when these guys made fun of me and would ask me if I needed help learning how to load a gun again," the Terminator actor jokingly replied.

"As you can imagine, after an intense day of shooting, we have to ice our knees, and our ankles and hips. Our bodies just don't recover as fast as they used to," Schwarzenegger admitted.