Comic-Con Registration Opens, Crashes, Closes

Comic-Con website craps out on the day of registration; only “a handful” of badges sold

Time to register for your Comic-Con badges, fanboys and fangirls!

Err, except it's not.

The annual geekfest's registration opened very briefly on Monday, then promptly crashed the website, inspiring this little mea culpa:

We are really sorry for the problems with registration today. We do not know what the technical issues are, so we have temporarily closed registration. 
We will announce on Monday November 8th the new date and time that registration will reopen. This down time will allow us to determine and address the issues. 
Only a handful of badges were actually sold today. 
Thank you for your patience, and again, we all are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

Pretty bad form for one of the hottest tickets of the year, at an event with a self-imposed upper limit and three months to prepare. (For you procrastinators caught off-guard by the opening of registration, hooray for you! It's like four feet of snow on the day of the midterm you forgot about.)

Of course, those of us in the press don't have to worry about getting badges, because we get seriously VIP accommodations and treatment.

Right? RIGHT?