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‘Community’ Unfurls ‘Beetlejuice’ Joke Over 3 Years (Video)

Joke drops one "Beetlejuice" reference a season — culminating in something special happening

"Community" has pulled off the most subtle and patient of "Beetlejuice" jokes — and some very sharp-eyed fans have noticed.

The recently shelved NBC comedy has dropped one reference of the name "Beetlejuice" in each of its three seasons. And of course we all remember that saying "Beetlejuice" three times causes the stripey-appareled being to appear from beyond the grave:

Huge kudos to the fellow who posted the video below on YouTube, Reddit commenters who pointed it out, and Gawker, where we first saw it.

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As one Redditor put it, "It's brilliant shit like this that causes networks to cancel shows."  

Of course, NBC says "Community" will be back at some point after a midseason hiatus — and star Jim Rash tells us the cast is optimistic it will happen. Maybe we should all say "Community" three times?

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