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Conan O’Brien’s Sad Batman Tries to Join the Marvel Universe (Video)

Keegan-Michael Key’s Black Panther calls Caped Crusader a ”bitch“

Even Batman wants to be part of the Marvel Universe. For his Comic-Con — err, Conan-Con — cold open, TBS host Conan O’Brien dressed up as Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, who then attempted to switch from his bummer DC Comics Universe to the more fun and successful Marvel one.

Unfortunately, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Black Panther weren’t having it.

“Ugh, this f—ing guy,” Thor (Dave Koechner) says when Batman sidles over to their lunch table. “DC-ya later, nerd.”

“Come on guys. DC, Marvel — what’s the difference?” O’Brien’s superhero pitches his new potential friends.

“Have you seen the box office lately, Bruce Lame?” Keegan-Michael Key’s Black Panther fires back. He’s pretty proud of that one.

“Those guys are a huge drag,” Batman says of his DC cronies, like Superman and Aquaman. “They’re not fun like us.”

That’s right about when Andy Richter as Robin shows up and ruins any slim chance the Caped Crusader may have had of sitting at the cool table. After exchanging some unkind words, which included a pretty good shot at Rob Huebel’s Tony Stark, Robin walks away flipping the double birds.

Black Panther gets the last word, however, which is calling Batman a “bitch” and starting a one-sided food fight.

Watch the video above.

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