‘Conan’ Recuts ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer, Really Leans in to the Blockbuster Scene (Video)

Will our hero check out “Goonies” or “Ghost Dad”?

When Captain Marvel crashes down to Earth, she ends up in a Blockbuster Video store — just in case you weren’t aware of which decade the Brie Larson Marvel movie takes place. A “Conan” recut on Thursday really leaned in to the rental options there.

In Conan O’Brien’s version, Larson’s superhero considers everything from “Tootsie” and “Weekend at Bernie’s” to “Jane Fonda’s New Workout” and “Dorf on Golf.” But she’s not just poking around the VHS selection.

“It’s two hours of Captain Marvel picking out a movie,” the TBS trailer says. “And then we show her watch the movie.”

“That’s right,” it continued. “You watch Captain Marvel watch another movie.”

“We’re Marvel,” the chyron taunted. “You’ll watch whatever we goddamn tell you to watch.”

Watch Conan’s recut trailer via the video above.

Click here for the actual movie’s actual trailer.