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Conan O’Brien Joins Gay Dating App Grindr, Meets Dream Man With Help From Billy Eichner (Video)

TBS late-night host almost got laid at an Applebee’s, but there was no love connection in the end

After (un)successfully conquering dating app Tinder, Conan O’Brien tackled gay version Grindr with a little help from “Parks and Recreation” star Billy Eichner.

“Tindr’s a lot of straight people pretending it’s for dating, but really using it for sex — a lot,” Eichner explained. “Grindr is for basically gay guys not pretending it’s for anything other than meeting up to have sex. So I think you’re gonna have a good time.”

The “Billy on the Street” host added that he doesn’t even think the app’s users will know who O’Brien is. As it turns out, some did, some didn’t.

With Eichner’s guidance, Conan’s Grindr headline was set as “Frecklefucker.” He immediately started asking guys if they’re circumcised and if they want to “get plowed by a rich ginger.” The text message conversations actually got weirder from there — especially when user “Looking to Suck” got involved.

“I have a really good feeling about Looking to Suck,” Eichner quipped. “Call me old-fashioned.”

That’s when Conan started getting into it.

Together, he and Eichner set out to meet a less-forward Grindr user in a special creepy van, airbrushed with Cher and Liza Minnelli portraits. The beat-up vehicle was built for partying on the inside, complete with a bowl of condoms and a tube of lube.

When O’Brien asked how gay men determine “who’s what,” Eichner laughed and said, “We’re about to find out — Is Conan a bottom?”

Unfortunately we didn’t find out, as there weren’t any fireworks in the Vons parking lot meeting, just a lot of awkwardness — especially when Eichner propositioned Grindr user Anthony if he wants to “fuck at an Applebee’s.”

Watch the video:

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