Conan O’Brien’s Insides Reacted to ‘Hot Ones’ Exactly How You Think They Did: ‘Fire Is Shooting Out’ | Video

“You’ll need to avert your eyes, because I’ll be dropping my pants,” the comedian jokes

Conan O’Brien shared more details about the aftermath of his recent appearance on the game show “Hot Ones,” quipping that he had “fire shooting out of his ass” so intensely, he was able to weld steel girders.

On his podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” Monday, cohosts Matt Gourley and Sona Movsesian wanted to know how the overdose of hot sauce “manifest[ed] itself” in O’Brien’s body.

O’Brien riffed, “After I ingested all that, I wanted it to be useful, so I found a construction site where they were doing spot welding and I said to them, ‘Gentlemen, if you want, I can weld these girders for you in about 15 minutes. You’ll need to avert your eyes, because I’ll be dropping my pants.’”

He continued the gag with, “So, there’s a building in the mid-Wilshire district that’s going up and I think I did about 65 rivets. And people were driving by and saying, ‘That’s Conan O’Brien and his pants are around his ankles and I think fire is shooting out of his ass and he’s welding a building.’”

His biggest problem during the whole imaginary escapade? “I had to join the union.” He went on to add that a building inspector said that the welding was done with “temperatures we’ve never seen.”

Movsesian was laughing so hard, she gasped, “I can’t breathe.”

Gourley quipped, “You are the saddest X-Men ever.”

O’Brien came up with his character’s name “Ass Weld” and his superpower: “He shoots out a beam of the whitest light you’ve ever seen.” He even planned his character’s outfit, a bandolier that’s filled with hot sauce bottles and a strategically placed butt flap.

Gourley dubbed O’Brien the “Tom Cruise of comedy,” because of his willingness to commit to a physical comedy bit, even if it’s throwing himself out the window.

“Yeah, but [Cruise] does it well,” O’Brien laughed. He explained that his love of physical comedy came from growing up in a family full of brothers who would toss him around. ““If I think something will be funny, I’ll do it, and deal with it later.”

O’Brien finally admitted his actual side effects of too much hot sauce: His eyes were runny and his mouth “really hurt.” In an anecdote he shared previously, some hot sauce got under his wedding ring. He quipped, “It hasn’t burned like that since they put it on me at the altar.”

Watch the full “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” segment in the video above.


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