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Conan O’Brien Invades Korean Video Game Cafe, Gets Clowned by Gamers (Video)

The talk show host took a trip to South Korea at a fan’s behest, and participated in a ”PC bang“

South Korea is well known for its PC gaming cafes and local gamer obsession with the strategy game “StarCraft,” so it’s only natural that when Conan O’Brien paid the country a visit he’d end up at what is known as a “PC bang.”

While there, Conan tried his hand at a couple of games: “Starcraft” and the online shooter “Sudden Attack.” Conan, being notoriously bad at video games, didn’t do too well, though he did manage to kill one of his opponents in “Sudden Strike” before being entranced by a character in the game wearing a bear costume.

While at the video game cafe, Conan also sampled some of the local snacks and discussed the ways Koreans insult each other in online games. “They talk about your family a lot,” Conan’s guide to the PC bang life says.

You can watch the video yourself above. Click here to see more of Conan’s adventures in South Korea.