Conan O’Brien Pops Up on ‘Last Week Tonight’ to Scold John Oliver for ‘Staring’ at Him Like ‘a Piece of Meat’

The HBO host continually got distracted by photos of the former “Tonight Show” host


Conan O’Brien decidedly does not appreciate being ogled by John Oliver, even if the HBO host is just looking at a photo. So, on Sunday night, O’Brien popped in to scold him.

The moment came as Oliver was torching Javier Milei, the very right-wing Argentinian presidential candidate who’s hoping to win in a run-off election. First picking apart Milei’s actual beliefs and proposed policies, Oliver eventually admitted that Milei has had at least one “likable” moment.

That particular moment was during an interview, in which Milei got visibly distracted by an image of his dog Conan appearing on screen.

“It’s honestly hard for me to criticize that because that’s also how I respond if I ever see a picture of — oh, it’s Conan,” Oliver said, mimicking Milei as a picture of Conan O’Brien appeared on-screen.

As Oliver tried to continue with the segment, a few more photos of O’Brien randomly popped up, and each time, Oliver happily got distracted, repeating “Oh, it’s Conan!” But, by the fourth time, O’Brien himself wasn’t happy, and the graphic itself came to life.

“Quit staring at me, John,” O’Brien said. “I’m not a piece of meat.”

From there, the graphic went still again — back to a grinning photo of O’Brien — and Oliver finally carried on, with an apology to O’Brien himself.


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    Why do people copy other articles and not include embedded images about which you’re speaking? Would have been nice for this article…

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