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Conan O’Brien Studies Up to Pass Ridiculous Citizenship Test (Video)

Apparently our government is designed to protect our freedom, our rights and our secret blend of 11 herbs and spices

Conan O’Brien is a real American, and he can prove it.

During Thursday’s “Conan” episode, the late night host took the U.S. Citizenship test with proctor Andy Richter. Or at least, a comedy version of it.

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The skit started out straight, with Conan nailing basic questions about the presidency and Declaration of Independence. But then things got less serious, including the following:

Q: “What’s the most-polluted river in the United States?”
A: “Joan.”


Q: “Why hasn’t an American visited the moon since 1972?”
A: “Because of Neil Armstrong’s Yelp review.”

Conan’s ability to list all 12 months of the calendar year as if he were in an ad for Subway sandwiches solidified his qualification to vote.

Watch the clip: