Conan O’Brien Returns to ‘Tonight Show’ for First Time Since Exit, Rages Over ‘Kelly Clarkson’ Filming in His Old Studio | Video

“Blasphemy! They should’ve burned it to the ground!” the former host yells

Conan O’Brien returned to “The Tonight Show” for the first time since his exit as host on Tuesday night, this time as a guest. And he definitely didn’t enjoy seeing how “The Kelly Clarkson Show” has taken over his former studio.

Talking with current “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, O’Brien admitted that it felt “weird” to be back in the building he worked in for more than a decade, saying that he was hit with a flood of memories. But, he also offered a warning to Fallon for whenever he leaves the show.

“The first thing that will hit you, and it will hit you too, because one day — you’ll have this show as long as you want it, but when you’re 98, you’ll move on, and someone else will be in this studio,” O’Brien said. “When someone else is in your studio, it feels weird.”

In O’Brien’s case, Kelly Clarkson is the host inside his former studio and, though the former host readily admits that he loves her, it was still hard to stomach.

“Who doesn’t love Kelly Clarkson? But still, I felt like ‘It’s not right!’” O’Brien jokingly raged. “Blasphemy! They should’ve burned it to the ground! And then Kelly came out to say hi, I said ‘Don’t talk to me! You make me sick!’ I did. I feel terrible Kelly, I really do.”

You can watch Conan O’Brien’s full, mostly fake, meltdown in the video above.


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