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Condé Nast Veteran Lucy Danziger Takes Over Editorial At New Healthy Food Site

Danziger is editorial director at Adam Slutsky’s new site, The Beet

Lucy Danziger, former Self magazine editor-in-chief, is helming a new healthy food site, The Beet.

The Beet is the new venture from Adam Slutsky, who made a fortune when Moviefone, which he co-founded, was sold to AOL in 1999.

On the site, Danziger explains, “One of the joys of launching The Beet is eating a whole-food, plant-based diet, which I started May 1st. Before that I was sitting at my desk working on Hinted, the shopping wish-list platform, and eating junk and feeling gross. Eating a plant-based diet helped me get back on track, feel better everyday, and stay fit and energized while I train for triathlon.”

She was ousted from Self during a shakeup at Condé Nast in 2014 and went on to found Hinted, a platform for shopping lists.

The Beet officially launched Tuesday, but Danziger was promoting it on her Twitter as early as Dec. 1, 2019. A staff of eight has been turning out the editorial content for the site, which exclusively posts about plant-based foods. The site features recipes, lifestyle tips, and a section through which users can “ask the expert” about related topics.

“[O]ur experts may be a range of plant-based, plant-leaning, plant-forward, vegan or vegetarian. What they cover here will be plant-based, with no animal products included. What they include on their own feeds or for other outlets is up to them, and we respect their choices, so we do not ask them to conform to our philosophy on every other outlet,” the site says.