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Corden Mocks Vendor Stiffed by Trump’s Truth Social for More Than $1 Million: ‘You Knew What Was Gonna Happen’ (Video)

”Look, it’s 2022. If you willingly do work with a Trump business, the problem’s you,“ Corden said bluntly

James Corden has absolutely no sympathy for a Truth Social vendor who has reportedly been stiffed out of more than $1 million by twice-impeached former president Donald Trump. According to the late night host, this scenario was all too easy to avoid because of how predictable it was.

According to Fox Business this week, Trump’s social media platform is facing allegations from a vendor of not paying more than $1 million in contractually obligated payments. That vendor is speculated to be RightForge, which entered into an agreement to host Truth Social back in October of last year, but the company declined to comment “on any private matters” to the outlet. Regardless of who the vendor is, though, Corden doesn’t have any words of comfort.

“Look, it’s 2022. If you willingly do work with a Trump business, the problem’s you,” Corden said bluntly. “You knew what was gonna happen, OK? You must’ve seen this.”

Indeed, Trump’s history of not paying vendors is well-documented. Over the years, he has been accused of shorting or outright not paying several vendors who did work for his hotels and events across the country, including a cabinet maker in Philadelphia and event workers in Florida.

That said, Corden has some ideas of how Trump and his team are attempting to get out of paying their bills — including trading for something else.

“Trump has refused to pay over a million dollars to a vendor, but he’s currently negotiating with them. He was like ‘Instead of cash, how about a stack of these classified documents from Mar-a-Lago?'” Corden joked.

You can watch Corden’s full news recap in the video above.