James Corden Refuses to Call Peter Doocy by Correct Name While ‘Filling In’ as White House Press Secretary (Video)

Corden decided Doocy’s name was David and didn’t leave any room for argument

While visiting President Joe Biden on Thursday’s episode of “The Late Late Show,” James Corden tried his hand at being the White House press secretary. It was about as chaotic as you’d expect. During his “briefing,” the host outright refused to call Fox News’ Peter Doocy by the correct name.

The bit featured Corden working for a day in the White House, filling in for important staff positions like food service workers and Biden’s personal assistant. He soon made his way to Jen Psaki’s office – Psaki was still working as Biden’s press secretary at the time of filming – saying he had a “hunch” that her job was “just a walk in the park.”

So, after a quick training for the job – along with a list of talking points and the official messaging attached to them – Corden took the podium to face off against a series of regular media figures. Comically, he didn’t get a single one of their names right. The only reporter to make a fuss for the faux pas was Doocy, who called Corden out for mistaking him for “David.” But Corden was ready to sass back.

“You say your name’s not David, I say your name is David,” he shot back. “And I’m still up here, and you’re sat down there… With the, whoever they are.”

To be fair, Corden got at least one reporter’s name right: Jeff Mason, White House correspondent for Reuters. Of course, Corden did have a colorful nickname for Mason to match the reporter’s colorful socks.

“Do you know what? They warned me about you, OK? They warned me about you. What’s your name? Jeff?” Corden mocked, leaning back to shout offstage. “You’re right! Jeff’s a whiny little bitch!”

At one point, the late night host made Mason’s colleague sing his question, prompting an equally enthusiastic songified response.

Watch Corden’s full stint at the White House, including a sit-down with Biden, in the video above.