Billie Eilish Avoids Kissing and Telling by Eating the Grossest Food Ever With James Corden (Video)

It’s pretty hilarious

If you want to know which famous person Billie Eilish has made out with, too bad. On Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Late Show,” the singer proved she’d eat the most disgusting food James Corden could come up with before saying if, or who, she may or may not have kissed. And since Grammy and Oscar winner Eilish is one of the most likable people in music, the whole thing was hilarious.

The moment was part of Corden’s recurring “Spill the Tea” segment, where he and a celebrity ask one another personal questions. They both have the option of declining to answer, but if they do, they have to eat or drink something disgusting as penance.

For this edition, Corden assembled a table full of fairly vile takes on traditional British food, like Flaming Hot Scones. (Gross.) For Eilish’s first question, Corden selected something called “putrid peas profiterol,” which consisted of “mushy peas, with a chocolate drizzle, vegan ham, and pureed and raw garlic.” (Again, gross.)

“Billie, you are famously private about your love life,” Corden said as he began to ask the question.

“Oh, for the love of God,” Eilish said.

“Have you ever kissed a famous person,” Corden asked.

“Can I just give a yes or no?” Eilish asked.

“Nope. Sorry, I missed a bit of the question,” Corden said as the audience groaned. “Have you ever kissed a famous person and who was it?”

Eilish just blushed, literally, as the audience laughed and Corden whispered, “Have you?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Eilish said, as she picked up the disgusting mess and announced: “I’m literally shaking.”

Yes, she ate it – well, most of it – even the raw garlic, and looked about as disgusted while doing it as anyone would be. She even spit some of it out because, as we mentioned, the food looked truly awful. But, like a boss, she didn’t spill who it is she may or may not have made out with.

“All I’m thinking is, who could it be that you’d rather eat that than tell us,” Corden joked.

The bit continued from there. For instance, Eilish allowed Corden to see her three most recent DMs, which were very nice. And Corden refused to let her see his most recent texts with Harry Styles. The whole thing is pretty good fun, and you can watch it above right now.