Corey Lewandowski, CNN’s New Trump Mouthpiece, Already Leaving for Some Reason

Remember Corey? The new guy? Already gone

Corey Lewandowski

Overheard in the CNN break room Friday (probably):

Hey, remember Corey? Corey Lewandowski, whose name everyone just figured out how to pronounce? Buzzcut Corey? He quit CNN today.

I know, right? He just started, in like, June. And he’d just gotten fired from his last job. I know. I know.

I guess what people are saying is that now that his old boss has a new job he might go work for him at the new place. It’s crazy because I heard he totally didn’t get along with everyone at the old job, either.

Ohmigod, I forgot: He also had a total blowout with Van Jones the other night. Right after his old boss, Donald Trump, won. And Van called him a horrible person, like, on the air in front of everybody. Right? Right? I think that might be why he quit.

Anyway, I hope he’s OK. Having three jobs in six months — that’s a lot of jobs.

Between you and me? You can’t tell anyone I said this. But not everyone even liked him that much, to be honest. Like, Jeff Zucker only hired him at CNN to be the voice of Donald Trump, but then he couldn’t even talk about a lot of things because of non-disclosure agreements. And a bunch of people said an independent news organization shouldn’t have someone on the payroll who was still maybe in cahoots with a major candidate — the same stuff they said about Donna Brazile after it turned out she leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, what a mess, right? I wonder who’s getting his office, though.