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Courtney Love Cleared in Twitter Libel Lawsuit

Singer had claimed that her former attorney was ”bought off“

Courtney Love is no doubt singing a happy tune today.

The Hole ma’am was cleared by a jury in California on Friday in a lawsuit accusing her of libeling her former attormey in a Twitter post, Reuters reports.

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At issue was a 2010 tweet in which Hole claimed that her former attorney, Rhonda Holmes, had been “bought off” from representing her.

According to the suit, filed in 2011, Love hired Holmes and  Frederic L. Gordon to represent her in a fraud case. After switching attorneys, Love went back to the pair, but was rejected. The suit claimed that Holmes and Gordon’s agreement to represent her was contingent on the singer being sober, and they weren’t sure of her sobriety at the time.

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Love later tweeted, ” “I was f-ing devastated when Rhonda J. Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off” from representing her.

The singer testified during the trial that the message was meant to be a private response to a question she was asked, but she mistakenly made the comment public. Love added that she immediately deleted the tweet when she realized her mistake.

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According to Holmes’ attorney, the jury found that Love did publish the tweet and that the remark tended to be damaging to Holmes’ reputation, but determined by a 9-3 count that Holmes’ legal team was unable to prove that the singer knew the claim to be false or doubted that it was true.

Holmes had sought $8 million in the lawsuit.