This Is What ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Meant to Its Fans: ‘My Heart Is Bursting’

Social media has been filled with gratitude from moviegoers who have longed to see Asians in the Hollywood spotlight

Crazy Rich Asians
Warner Bros.

Though its box office opening wasn’t a record breaker like “Black Panther,” Jon M. Chu’s “Crazy Rich Asians” had the same impact on Asian-American moviegoers that the Marvel blockbuster had on African-Americans, filling a demand for representation that had long been ignored in Hollywood.

As the film steamed towards a strong $34 million five-day opening — among the best for a romantic comedy this decade — Asians who saw the film took to social media to express their gratitude to Chu, Constance Wu and the rest of the film’s cast and crew for finally giving them the chance to see characters that reflected themselves on-screen.

Among the most widely shared was a Twitter thread from Huffington Post editor Kimberly Yam, who talked about her lifelong struggle with her Chinese-American identity.

“You’re 8 years old. Your 3rd grade class orders Chinese food & your father delivers it. You are so excited to see your pops in school. He’s your hero,” Yam begins. “But apparently other kids don’t think he’s so cool. They laugh at him and mimic his accent. You don’t want to be Chinese anymore.”

Yam goes on to discuss how after she went to college, she began to fight back against the self-hatred that a childhood filled with classmates making fun of Asians instilled in her, and that watching “Crazy Rich Asians” just added to the pride she now feels as an adult.

“You’re 25 years old. You see a movie with an all-asian cast at a screening and for some reason you’re crying and you can’t stop. You’ve never seen a cast like this in Hollywood. Everyone is beautiful,” she concludes. “You’re so happy you’re Chinese.”

“Aquaman” director James Wan echoed Yam’s statement, saying he wish he had a film like “Crazy Rich Asians” growing up.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a mainstream Hollywood movie with an entire cast that looks like — well, me and my family — before, and my heart is bursting,” he tweeted.

Check out more tweets from people who saw the film this weekend below, as well as thanks from the cast.