Why Advertisers Need to Stop Wasting Money on Broadcast and Wake Up to Connected TVs | PRO Insight

Nearly 80% of U.S. homes with adults 18-44 are mostly streaming homes, yet 43% of TV ad buying in 2022 will be on old-school linear TV

In the past year, I have written and spoken a great deal about the connected television ecosystem — from the battle over CTV operating systems, to the size and make-up of OTT libraries, to the emergence and rise of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST), to the late, yet inevitable acceptance by Netflix that streaming services cannot live by subscriptions alone.

Considering that 1 billion connected TVs will be sold in the next four years, this ongoing obsession of mine on the CTV ecosystem is quite merited — you’ll pardon my obsessiveness. However, from this day forward, my coverage of this sector will change. Here’s why:

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