Curt Schilling Calls BuzzFeed ‘Lying Ass Cowards’ for Alex Jones Coverage

“BuzzFeed has the balls to say someone else plays ‘loose and fast’ with truth?” former pitcher says

curt schilling
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Curt Schilling isn’t pleased with BuzzFeed’s coverage of Alex Jones.

The former Boston Red Sox pitcher and outspoken conservative took to Twitter on Friday to criticize a BuzzFeed story centering on Megyn Kelly’s upcoming NBC News interview with the “Info Wars” founder.

“HA! @BuzzFeed has the balls to say someone else plays ‘loose and fast’ with truth? Really? Lying ass cowards,” Schilling wrote in a reply to the website’s tweet.

The Breitbart personality’s ire stemmed from the story’s suggestion that conservative media outlets have a propensity for bending the truth.

The passage that bothered Schilling reads: “An uncanny ability to hijack the news is a trait that Jones shares with the pro-Trump media that he helped create. And while the pro-Trump media have a number of unfair advantages — including but not limited to playing fast and loose with the facts — the reason is largely that the movement understands the internet far better than its mainstream counterpart.”

Jones leaked an audio recording on Thursday from his interview with Kelly ahead of his appearance on this weekend’s episode of “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.” Jones does not want NBC to air the segment and feels that Kelly misinterpreted his thoughts on the Sandy Hook attack.

Kelly and the network have been the subjects of criticism for giving a platform to the polarizing conspiracy theorist.

Schilling has proven in recent years that he has no qualms about speaking his mind.

ESPN fired him as a baseball analyst in April 2016 after he received flak for an anti-transgender meme he posted to Facebook. The network had previously suspended him in 2015 after he posted a Twitter meme comparing Muslim Jihadism to Nazi Germany.