Gina Rodriguez Delights, Rockers Muse Fulfill a Corporate Obligation at CW Upfront

Upfronts 2017: Whole thing ends with a champagne toast to the annual ad sales period — oh, and network’s “Dynasty” reboot

Carmen Sandiego Gina Rodriguez at 2015 Emmy Awards
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The CW presented its 2017-18 slate of series for advertisers on Thursday, officially finishing up television’s annual upfront period.

But Mark Pedowitz & Co. were determined to not just be one final hump for media buyers and reporters before returning to our daily norms — the “Dare to Defy” network attempted to wow. But did they? Here are TheWrap‘s top seven takeaways from the New York City Center event:

CW’s Muse
Muse rocked the house for all of one song — “Dig Down,” which will stick with CW’s brand campaign throughout the TV season. We’d argue that Thursday probably marked the band’s briefest 11 a.m. concert ever. Hey, you gotta do what you’re contractually obligated to do.

God, Those Stairs
Every CW upfront, those of us with the cheap seats are reminded of just all tall and steep the New York City Center’s stairs are. No one told us there would be exercise.

Rob Tuck Goes Cape S–t
CW executive vice president of National Sales Rob Tuck dressed as Salesman, the world’s lamest superhero. His green caped was adorned with a gold money sign — so not exactly a soft pitch to the concert venue’s advertisers.

Gina Rodriguez Still CW’s Best Salesperson, Though
Sorry, Rob Tuck, the “Jane The Virgin” star sells the CW better than anyone else — and she even seemed totally cool with being banished to Fridays.

“Those that have yet to join, the doors are wide open, baby,” Rodriguez pitched media buyers.

“Dynasty” Already Ruins Dialogue
OK, the reboot trailer looked fine, but during the cast’s brief presentation, Grant Show blew his sign-off line. At least they all had a good laugh about it. Let’s hope he’s better at reading scripts than teleprompters.

We’ll find out soon enough if the new “Dynasty” can work where the new “Dallas” failed. You know, just on a different network.

Maybe Scooby-Don’t?
The CW’s “Supernatural” is returning next season for its 13th season, which will feature a special animated “Scooby-Doo” episode. Yes, this is real, we checked. Rut-roh.

Champagne Dreams on a CW Budget
Pedowitz and Tuck closed their mercifully brief upfront presentation with a champagne toast, and invited the rest of us to join them outside in a liquid nod to “Dynasty.” Don’t mind if we do! And that concludes the 2017 upfronts…