CW’s New Campaign Designed to Pull Viewers Back to TV

CW network's new slogan is "TV Now"

The CW is debuting the new slogan "TV Now" and an image campaign designed to lure its youthful viewers back to the old-fashioned TV screen.

The network hopes to amplify its ratings after they dipped last season. One reason for the slip, the CW says, is that so much of its youthful audience watches its shows online.

It has said that at any given time, 7 percent of its viewers watch shows on its website, The new campaign will push the idea that while viewers can watch CW shows on many different formats, it all starts with TV.

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The campaign, which will begin next month, will include combining other words with "TV" to create new adjectives for its shows, such as "seducTV" and "suggesTV."

The CW, born five years ago from a union of Warner Bros.' WB and CBS's UPN networks, targets 18- to 34 year-olds with a mix of fun, fashion and melodrama. This season the network's lineup is getting grittier, with new shows like "Arrow," "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Cult."

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Like many youthful-skewing networks, the CW considers itself a 21st century company still subjected to 20th century ratings tracking, which does not take online viewers into account. The network is currently working on an alternative to Nielsen tracking that it says would better count the actual number of people watching its shows across all platforms.