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‘Cyrano’ Trailer: Peter Dinklage Sings, Loves and Writes Poetry in Musical (Video)

Joe Wright’s film based on a new take on the Cyrano de Bergerac story features music and lyrics by The National

Peter Dinklage is Cyrano de Bergerac in the first trailer for “Cyrano,” a new musical film from Joe Wright that puts a new spin on the classic love story.

Rather than a man with a giant nose, Cyrano’s affliction in the film is his stature, which gets him labeled a freak by those who underestimate his ability with a sword and with words. And yes, Dinklage even sings in the film, baring his soul even though he can’t profess his love to his dear Roxanne (Haley Bennett).

The film is the story of a captain, Cyrano de Bergerac, who cannot express his love and learns that his true love Roxanne is infatuated with another, Christian, a man serving in his guard. But because Christian does not possess Cyrano’s gift for language, Cyrano writes letters to Roxanne as Christian in the hopes of secretly winning her affection.

“Cyrano” is based on the 19th century play by Edmond Rostand as well as the updated stage musical by Erica Schmidt. Both the play and the movie feature music and lyrics by the indie rock band The National, including Aaron and Bryce Dessner behind the musical score and Matt Berninger and Carin Besser providing the lyrics.

The first trailer for the film features one of the opening songs from the movie, in which Haley Bennett as Roxanne and Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Christian sing “I’d Give Anything.”

Wright’s film first played at Telluride and will now be released by MGM in theaters this December. “Cyrano” stars Peter Dinklage, Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Bashir Salahuddin and Ben Mendelsohn.

Check out the first trailer for the film here and above.