‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Jessica Williams Exposes Racist Dogs and Computers (Video)

Humans are no longer racist, but the things we program are

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 11:06 AM

“Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams set out to solve a great mystery Wednesday: If people aren’t racist anymore, why are dogs and computers?

Williams introduced the segment by noting that many pundits say racism is over — as evidenced by the election of Barack Obama and other African-American leaders. Oddly enough, however, dogs are not as unbiased as humans.

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Williams noted a recent finding that over a six-month period, 100 percent of people bitten by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department dogs were black or Latino.

“Is that because we taste better than white people?” she asked a dog trainer.

When the trainer insisted that the problem resided with the humans holding he dogs leashes, Williams scoffed: “People arent racist anymore. We have a black president now.”

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To find out what makes minorities taste so delicious, she took to the internet — where she found a litany of racist keyword searches.

One possible conclusion: computers are racist too.

Finally she consulted with “Columbia professor and hairstyle copycat” Carl Hart, who explained what might really be at work.

Watch the video: