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‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Jessica Williams Exposes Racist Dogs and Computers (Video)

Humans are no longer racist, but the things we program are

“Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams set out to solve a great mystery Wednesday: If people aren’t racist anymore, why are dogs and computers?

Williams introduced the segment by noting that many pundits say racism is over — as evidenced by the election of Barack Obama and other African-American leaders. Oddly enough, however, dogs are not as unbiased as humans.

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Williams noted a recent finding that over a six-month period, 100 percent of people bitten by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department dogs were black or Latino.

“Is that because we taste better than white people?” she asked a dog trainer.

When the trainer insisted that the problem resided with the humans holding he dogs leashes, Williams scoffed: “People arent racist anymore. We have a black president now.”

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To find out what makes minorities taste so delicious, she took to the internet — where she found a litany of racist keyword searches.

One possible conclusion: computers are racist too.

Finally she consulted with “Columbia professor and hairstyle copycat” Carl Hart, who explained what might really be at work.

Watch the video: