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‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah: ‘If Being An A–hole Was an Arcade Game, [Trump] Would Have All the Top Scores’ (Video)

”You know how they say men think about sex every eight seconds? That’s what Trump does with firing people,“ Noah joked on Monday night’s ”Daily Show“

Dumping the news of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe on a Friday night may not have spared Donald Trump from being skewered over the weekend by pretty much everyone else, but late-night hosts like Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show” waited until Monday to mock him for it — which is exactly what Noah and the other politically minded late-night comedians did last night.

Noah discussed the matter at length in his opening segment, delivering one zinger after another. Early on, he noted that it is technically possible that it’s just a coincidence that McCabe was fired by the inspector general and that Trump was not seeking retributions for perceived slights. But since this happened after Trump spent the last year whining about McCabe on Twitter is not a good look.

“It doesn’t help that for the last year Trump had been trashing McCabe on Twitter. Trump accused him of plotting with Comey. He accused him of taking money from Hillary. Trump even accused McCabe of looking like every background extra on ‘Mad Men,’ which, to be fair, he’s right at that one, I can see it,” Noah joked. “And unlike most Twitter trolls, Trump didn’t keep the insults online. One of the best stories about the president hating McCabe came out after Comey was fired. When Trump was so angry that he roasted McCabe about his wife losing a race for state Senate.”

The story in question saw Trump demand to know why Comey was allowed to return home on an FBI plane after being fired early last year, to which McCabe replied that he didn’t know, but he would have approved it if he had been asked. At which point, after a long pause, Trump told McCabe to “Ask your wife how it feels to be a loser.”

“Donald Trump is a proper a—hole. If being an a—hole was an arcade game, he would have all the top scores,” Noah joked as an illustration of what such an arcade game might look like appeared on screen. “Think about it, he’s mad at Comey — he’s mad at Comey — so he insults McCabe’s wife because she ran for a Senate seat and lost? That’s so messed up. especially since Trump should know what it’s like to have a wife who wants to run.

“Poor McCabe is so FBI that he gets insulted and he’s just like, ‘okay, okay, sir.’ That’s all he does? The commander-in-chief insults him, he treats it like an order. ‘Why don’t you ask your wife why you’re so bad in bed.’ ‘Okay, sir. Honey, the president has a question.'”

Later on, Noah played clips from a handful of newscasts describing the speculation that, after all this, Trump may be thinking about firing Robert Mueller next. Which Noah thought was ridiculous, because of course, he’s at the very least “considering” firing Mueller.

“You know how they say men think about sex every eight seconds? That’s what Trump does with firing people,” Noah said. “When Trump meets a new person, that’s what he fantasizes about. ‘Oh, man, it would be so awesome to fire that lady. I would fire her so hard. Oh, my God I want to fire her right now.'”

You can watch all of this portion of Monday’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” in the video above.