‘The Daily Show’: John Leguizamo Calls Univision’s Trump Interview ‘Caca M–a’ | Video

The actor/comedian rails against the Spanish-language network’s softball interview with the Republican presidential contender

Actor and comedian John Leguizamo isn’t happy with Spanish-language network Univision’s interview with Donald Trump. Taking to “The Daily Show” for a desk commentary segment, “In My Opinion,” he critiqued the channel for failing to press the Republican former president and current presidential contender on policies Leguizamo argues hurt Latinos.

After a clip from MSNBC, noting how friendly the interview was and that it was arranged by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, Leguizamo responds, “Ay, dios motherf–king mio.”

“I don’t know what’s more shocking: that Univision gave Trump a softball interview, or that Trump let a Latin guy into his house,” Leguizamo quipped. “How did that happen? What’d he think, he was there to mow the lawn?”

Leguizamo continued, “Now, for decades, Univision has been the channel that Latinos have trusted for news, whether it’s news about the world…” at which point he cut to a poster from the very real telenovela, “Minas de Pasión,” and adds, “… or news about a sexy lady miner, willing to go up against the most powerful woman in town for amour.”

The guest commentator said that, despite those issues, his problem wasn’t with Univision interviewing Trump.

“In fact, I thought it would be a dope opportunity to confront him on his hardline anti-Latino policies,” Leguizamo said. “But instead of an interview worthy of Univision, we saw this caca mierda.”

He tossed to a supercut of questions from interviewer Enrique Acevedo, including questions about Trump receiving a high level of Latino support for his border policies and why voters are responding to him, with more Latinos identifying as conservatives.

In a mocking faux-accent, Leguizamo impersonated Acevedo’s questions, asking, “Mr. Trunk, why are you so beloved by the Latino community?”

Leguizamo added, “I mean, I was expecting this guy’s followup question to be, ‘Is it true that to look upon your penis, it would be like, I don’t know, gazing into the very face of God? I mean, no, seriously, how big is it? Tell me when to stop…”

At which point Leguizamo spreads his arms increasingly wider.

Getting serious, Leguizamo said, “As a news organization for the Latino community, Univision has a responsibility to fully report what a second Trump presidency could mean for them, and the truth is that that s–t is mad scary.”

Leguizamo played coverage from CNN of Trump’s plan to round up migrants and putting them in detention camps around the country until they are deported, as well as ending birthright citizenship and blocking legal immigrants based on their ideology. This was followed with clips of Trump talking about his own policies, including an assertion that immigrants come from prisons and mental institutions and that they include terrorists. “It’s poisoning the blood of our country,” Trump says in the clip.

“Motherf–ker, what are you talking about?” a frustrated Leguizamo responds. “Your blood is 99% Big Mac.”

The actor also doesn’t think Trump necessarily understands the terminology he was using.

“Also, wait, did he really say immigrants are coming from insane asylums? That’s not what getting ‘granted asylum’ means, moron,” Leguizamo said.

He pointed to birthright citizenship being in the Constitution.

“And I know most Republicans stop reading after the Second Amendment, but stick around, because that 14th, mmm, that s–t gets good,” Leguizamo added.

Leguizamo called out Univision not questioning Trump’s 2025 agenda, as well as what the actor said was more disturbing: their decision to pull campaign ads for President Joe Biden that were set to air during the interview. They also canceled an interview that had been planned with Biden’s Hispanic media director.

“I mean, canceling opposing views is bad enough, but canceling ad revenue? That’s downright un-Amurrican,” Leguizamo joked.

His commentary crested by noting that Univision’s new co-CEO is close friends with Kushner, showing a photo of the pasty-skinned family member and stating that he’s “the only man with the skin of a flour tortilla.”

Leguizamo called on Univision to come back to its core values and asserting the responsibility it has when it decides to interview “a lying insurrectionist who wants to bring back internment camps like it’s freaking 1942.”

Closing with a callback, Leguizamo exhorted, “You need to expose the truth, and not just about Trump, but also about how Leonardo’s evil madre is sabotaging his forbidden love with Amelia,” as he cuts back to the poster of “Minas de Pasión.”

You can watch the full segment in the video above.

And you can watch a trailer for “Minas de Pasión” below:


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