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‘The Daily Show': Senator Lindsey Graham Says Obamacare ‘Sucks,’ Burger King Mascot Lookalike Agrees (Video)

This anti-Affordable Care Act ad will be the creepiest thing you see today

The Affordable Care Act kicks in next Tuesday, Oct. 1, but “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart has mixed feelings on the law.

“I like my healthcare like I like my women: Universal and with a waiting list for non-essential procedures … And single prayer,” Stewart said Tuesday night.

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Senator Lindsey Graham is a little less torn, and much more to the point. “This bill sucks,” he said in a recent televised interview. He then reiterated the sentiment in case someone missed his momentary lack of southern gentility.

To be fair, there are plenty of American’s who share Graham’s adjective choice. Case in point, Stewart then showed a super-creepy anti-Obamacare commercial that appears to have stolen the Burger King mascot and armed him with a rubber glove.

Watch the clip: