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‘Daily Show’ Takes on the NFL and Its Fans’ Horrible Track Record of Ethics and Hypocrisy (Video)

Jon Stewart and co. are amusingly outraged

The most depressing part of the “Daily Show” segment on the NFL’s latest transgression came about three and a half minutes in, when Jason Jones nailed the nation’s weak-willed and hypocritical approach to dealing with the monolithic league.

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“Jon, what else would you expect from this league? It ignores heinous actions, it covers up the injuries the game inflicts on the players, and it regularly screws over taxpayers on stadium and infrastructure deals. It is time to say it: The NFL is a morally indefensible organization!” Jones said, listing just a few of the league’s many recent transgressions and making a great argument against the organization.

And then, unfortunately, came his kicker: “Of course, that being said, man am I glad training camps are back! I am ready for some football!”

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Such is the reality of the way the media and fans treat the league, which they admonish for doing things like suspending players four games for smoking marijuana but only two games for brutally beating women (see: Rice, Ray) and then, ultimately, continue to celebrate and enrich.

“It’s a terrible, terrible organization,” Jones quipped, “but I already ordered the party subs for opening weekend.”

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