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Watch Jon Stewart’s Supercut of CNN Disses (Video)

Stewart assembles years of insults into one barrage of mockery

Jon Stewart knows all of CNN’s weaknesses — and has at least 14 years of insults to prove it.

“The Daily Show” host is mounting a mock camapaign on Kickstarter to buy the news network. Last week, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria wondered whether Stewart would be able to program a round-the-clock news operation. So on Tuesday, Stewart proved that he’s compiled plenty of material.

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His supercut of “Daily Show” CNN disses including the time he called the network “The Human Centipede of News,” suggested a new show called “The Duh Room,” and the many times he ridiculed the endless speculation about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

But those were only the recent knocks. Stewart also rolled out a 2000 clip — in which he had much darker hair — to prove that he’s been mocking CNN since its 20th anniversary.

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Watch the video:

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