Jon Stewart Mocks Flight 370 News From CNN’s ‘Duh Room’ (Video)

Stewart says CNN is as obvious as the ocean is big — by the way, did you know the ocean is big?

CNN can’t get enough of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and Jon Stewart can’t get enough of making fun of CNN.

Stewart went back to a seemingly bottomless well Wednesday, noting that some of CNN’s latest dispatches seem to come from the “Duh Room” — a set not far from the “Situation Room,” but more filled with obvious observations.

Among the latest “Duh Room” dispatches: The ocean is dark and filled with debris.

“Who knew the place where we dump a tremendous amount of our trash is filled with a tremendous amount of our trash?” Stewart said on “The Daily Show” Wednesday. “What do you think happens when you flush the toilet? Where does it go? Poop heaven? So the oceans are somewhat polluted. Give us another scoop.”

Stewart also called out CNN for “covering their coverage of the Malaysian plane story.”

Not cool, CNN — that’s Jon Stewart‘s job.

Watch the video: