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‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah: Betsy DeVos Accidentally Visiting a Bad School Would Make for Hilarious ‘Dangerous Minds’ Sequel (Video)

Noah went in on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for her amazingly awkward ”60 Minutes“ interview Sunday night

The hot topics among late-night hosts on Monday were Donald Trump’s weird campaign speech on Saturday and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ interview on “60 Minutes” from Sunday. “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah opted to open his show on Monday night with DeVos.

“President Trump’s housing secretary doesn’t know anything about housing. His environmental chief doesn’t think man-made climate change is a thing. And last night we learned his secretary of education has a lot of learning to do,” Noah said before introducing clips from DeVos’ “60 Minutes” interview in which she was asked about the performance of schools in her home state of Michigan.

DeVos claimed that “there are certainly lots of pockets where the students are doing well,” but admitted upon further questioning from Lesley Stahl that she had not “intentionally visited schools that are underperforming.”

“Maybe you should,” Stahl said.

“Maybe I should. yes,” DeVos replied.

“‘Maybe I should, yes!'” Noah mimicked enthusiastically. “You know the fact she never intentionally went to a bad school means she definitely walked into one by accident. She walked in, she’s like, ‘This is the biggest check cashing place I’ve ever seen! Wait a minute!'”

Noah then made a joke referencing Michelle Pfeiffer’s 1995 school drama “Dangerous Minds” to make a joke at DeVos’ expense.

“I do feel bad for the next school she visits now because they’ll definitely know why she’s there,” Noah continued. “They’ll be, like, ‘wait! are we the crappy school? Is that why my textbook is just a bunch of Snapple caps?’ Betsy DeVos accidentally walking into a bad school would be the best sequel to ‘Dangerous Minds’ ever. Her walking in, like, ‘Hello students, I’m Betsy DeVos. Oh, hell, no, I’m out. Charter school, bitches!'”

You can watch Noah’s comments about DeVos in the video embedded at the top of the page. You can view the rest of his opening segment from Monday’s “The Daily Show” below.

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