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‘Daily Show’ Trots Out the NRA’s Own ‘Teenz 4 Gunz’ to Counter Parkland Shooting Survivors (Video)

The sketch had a trio of middle-aged actors pretending to be teenagers who are in favor of gun rights in a fake NRA video

On “The Daily Show” Wednesday night,” host Trevor Noah spent the opening segment discussing the aftermath of last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., this time focusing his commentary on pro-gun conservative figures who have attempted to fight back against the pro-gun control rhetoric of the teenage survivors.

“You’ve never seen gun advocates so desperate that they’d start attacking the victims of a mass shooting. And that’s the power of these teenagers,” Noah said as the segment neared its end. “Which is why the NRA has decided to shift the conversation with some inspirational teenagers of their own.”

From there, “The Daily Show” shifted to a video sketch titled “Teenz 4 Gunz,” a fake NRA promotional video in which three middle-aged people wearing hastily constructed clothes that sported outdated pop culture references pretended to be teenagers who love guns.

You can watch the full opening segment of “The Daily Show” embedded above. The “Teenz 4 Gunz” sketch begins a little over six minutes in.

“Hey there, fellow teens, my name is Adrian. I’m 16!” said a man who’s probably at least 40 who wore a badly screenprinted Limp Bizkit t-shirt and a Korn baseball cap.

A woman named “Olivia” was the next “teen,” and she popped up to declare the purpose of this fake NRA video: “I think all us teens should have the right to own guns, and take mad selfies!” At which point she pulled out a bulky digital camera take a selfie.

The third “teen,” “Jamal,” kept the rhetoric going. “No one likes senseless killings, but what’s even more wack is letting big government confiscate our guns.”

“Adrian” then summed it all up. “Take it from us three teenage people: the only thing that stops a good guy with a gun is a cool dude with a gun,” he said , flubbing the old cliche by saying “good guy” instead of “bad guy.”

“Paid for by the NRA,” read the narrator giving the obligatory disclosure at the end of the video. “The A stands for ‘Awesome’.”