‘Daily Show’s’ Jason Jones Clashes With Anti-Gay Russians On Streets Of Moscow (Video)

The correspondent also traded words with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Sergey Markov

“Daily Show” correspondent Jason Jones was shocked to find rampant homophobia on the streets of Moscow (or “Sochi-ish” as the show likes to describe the Russian capital.)

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Jones spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Sergey Markov during Wedneday’s edition of the show.

“I’m tired from (sic) this issue!” Markov barked at Jones.

“You are absolutely free to make sex with this table!” Markov argued. “Men having sex with women is normal, men having sex with men isn’t. Everybody knows this, including gays!”

“I only had one thought: ‘Boy, do I owe Rick Santorum an apology!’” Jones quipped in a voiceover.

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Jones tried in vain to find sympathy for gays among the hoi polloi in Moscow but anti-gay sentiment was so widespread even young people espoused homophobic views.

He did eventually find one woman who was protesting the government’s treatment of LGBT people.

“This is one of those points where I don’t have any irony, I just kind of want to give you a hug.”

Watch the video: