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Trevor Noah Compares Trump Fans to ‘Euphoria’ Fans: ‘They Act Like Things Got More Extreme Over Time’

Plus, he managed to get in a comedic John Oliver dig

Former U.S. Attorney General William Barr has been making the media rounds of late, and in several of these interviews, he’s suggested that former President Donald Trump would not listen to anyone and “went off the rails” following the 2020 election. And on Monday night’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah called him out.

“I’m sorry, did Bill Barr say after the election Trump went off the rails? That’s what he said? After the election?” Noah asked. “So, before the election, when he was trying to nuke hurricanes and inject bleach, that was on the rails? That was normal?”

As Noah continued his “Daily Show” opening, he quickly pivoted to compare supporters of the former president to viewers of HBO’s “Euphoria,” a drama set around high school students that includes mature themes.

“You know, It feels ike Trump fans are a lot like ‘Euphoria’ fans. They act like the thing got more extreme over time. But really, it was like that from the beginning, but they just hit their limits. ‘Oh, there’s so much nudity in Euphoria these days.’ My man, it’s HBO. Everything has nudity. Everything. ‘Euphoria,’ ‘Game of Thrones,'” Noah said, quickly pivoting to get in a joke about former “Daily Show” host John Oliver.

“I mean, that’s why I stopped watching John Oliver. Every episode, ‘And now, my dick.’ You didn’t have to show me your dick, John. That didn’t help me understand the opioid crisis.”

Watch Noah’s bit about Barr, Trump, “Euphoria” and John Oliver from about the 0:44 mark above.

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