‘Dallas’ Finale: Which Ewing Will Die? (Poll)

Monday’s Season 3 finale promises a Ewing will go, here’s who TheWrap readers think it might be

Dallas Season 3 promo

TNT has promised one of the Ewings will die on the Season 3 finale of “Dallas,” which airs Monday night. But which family member will kick the bucket?

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The short teaser offered ominous glimpses of mainstays Bobby (Patrick Duffy), Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), John Ross (Josh Henderson), Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Ann (Brenda Strong). Bobby, being held captive in the video, seems to be in an especially precarious predicament.

But would the network kill off a main player, especially amid renewal concerns?

Perhaps the (likely metaphorical) axe will come down on the head of Pamela (Julie Gonzalo), technically a Ewing through her marriage to John Ross? Or Emma (Emma Bell), a step-daughter to Bobby?

Considering the soapy nature of TNT’s melodramatic show, there may even be additional options. It’s entirely possible Monday’s two-hour episode contains first a revelation that Elena (Jordana Brewster), Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) or some bit player is actually a Ewing, unbeknownst to everyone, and then kills them off at the end.

See video: ‘Dallas’ Season 3 Finale Teaser Promises A Dead Ewing

Vote on who you think will be killed off below.

The two-hour Season 3 “Dallas” finale airs Sept. 22, at 10 p.m. ET on TNT.