Dan Bongino’s Drudge Report Competitor Is Live

Bongino Report promises to link to “REAL NEWS. No fake news, no propaganda, only strong conservative content!”

dan bongino
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

The Bongino Report, a conservative news aggregator that founder Dan Bongino hopes will serve as a competitor to the Drudge Report, is live.

Matt Drudge’s traffic-boosting behemoth has “abandoned” conservatives Bongino said in a tweet on Wednesday. A frequent guest on Fox News, Bongino assured his followers that his site would “only be promoting REAL NEWS. No fake news, no propaganda, only strong conservative content!”

The site launched on Wednesday with a note from writer Matt Palumbo, who took aim at the longtime news aggregator. “The site is also a tad more visually appealing with Drudge, if we may say so ourselves,” he wrote on Bongino’s main site.

The newly-launched site’s main story on Thursday afternoon linked to a Fox News story about President Donald Trump threatening to have Rep. Adam Schiff, the Bidens, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi testifying in Senate hearings in the impeachment process. The Bongino Report also read “TRUMP FIRES BACK” before the article’s headline.

Other links on the Bongino Report directed to outlets like WarRoom.com and The Blaze, or directly to the tweets of government officials. They were listed under subheadings as directly as “Election 2020” or as evocative as “The Impeachment Witch Hunt.”

Conservative commentators like Mark Levin and politicians like Rep. Devin Nunes have promoted the site’s launch in tweets. A Red State piece on the new site accused Drudge of taking “a noticeable turn to the left as of late,” citing CNN reports that Drudge has been highlighting negative news for the Trump administration.

A representative for Bongino did not immediately return a request for comment on the site’s launch.