Dana Carvey Catches Fans Up on ‘SNL’ Characters While Guest Hosting ‘Kimmel’: ‘The Church Lady Is in Jail!’ (Video)

And Garth, of Wayne and Garth fame, is exactly where you’d expect him to be

As Jimmy Kimmel’s summer vacation continues, Dana Carvey stepped in to take over hosting duties on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for the week, and he opened his first monologue by catching fans up on some of his classic “Saturday Night Live” characters.

“Now, before we get going, a lot of you probably are wondering if I’m going to do any of my old impressions from ‘SNL.’ The honest answer is [in President George Bush Sr. voice] ‘Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture,’” Carvey said to laughs as he trotted out his famed impression of the former commander in chief. 

“Of course I’m going to do it,” he continued, confirming he was acquiescing to the wishes of the audience. “I often get asked to do my classic characters and people wonder — they think they’re still alive. What are they doing, right?”

Carvey then launched into a quick catch-up on three of his most famous characters from his time on the NBC sketch comedy, including “Wayne’s World” sidekick Garth. And Garth, he explained, is now a small business owner.

“Garth runs a marijuana dispensary in Aurora. It’s called ‘Schweed,’” Carvey joked, adding he’ll be doing the character into Garth’s 90s.

“‘Wait! I need my Flo-Max,’” he said in the Garth voice.

The funnyman quickly moved on to his half of Hans and Franz, the sweatshirt wearing muscle team he played alongside Kevin Nealon, who had Arnold Schwarzenegger-like accents.

“Hans from Hans and Franz, he is in Boca Raton,” Carvey announced. “He is skipping leg day today because his thighs have reached maximum swell.”

Before Carvey moved on to more current topics like Joe Biden and the criticism the president received for his fist-bump with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the weekend, the comedian had one last famous fictional face to update audiences on.

“The Church Lady is in jail,” he said to cheers and laughs from the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” audience. “The Church Lady is in jail for defrauding members of her mega-church and we still have no idea where she was on January 6th.”

He then tried out the Church Lady voice once again. 

“‘Well, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ well, I think we all know where he’s going when he’s Jimmy Kimmel dead. In hell. Getting flogged by Satan and loving it,’” Carvey said. 

Watch the whole monologue above.