Read Dana Walden, Gary Newman’s Internal Fox Memo: ‘We Couldn’t Be More Excited’

“We look forward to leading this new Fox TV Group to greater heights than either company has achieved singularly,” the duo wrote their colleagues. “And we’ll do it together.”

Dana Walden and Gary Newman “couldn’t be more excited” to oversee the new Fox Networks Group leg, Fox Television Group, which will combine Fox Broadcasting Company (FBC) and 20th Century Fox Television (TCFTV), the duo wrote in an internal memo on Monday.

Walden and Newman will effectively replace Kevin Reilly atop the broadcast net and begin their new roles on July 28. They’ll continue to lead the studio side of the business as well.

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Shortly after the move was made official on Monday, Walden and Newman sent out the following internal memo:

Dear Colleagues,

Today begins an exciting new chapter in the history of our two great companies, Twentieth Century Fox Television and Fox Broadcasting Company. In this incredibly dynamic television landscape, uniting these two companies under one management will foster more successful collaboration among our executives and create greater paths to success for our creative partners. We are humbled by the challenge, energized by the opportunities and emboldened by the fact that we’ll be joined by such talented executives on both sides of the organization. 

To our colleagues at the studio, you are responsible for the incredible growth and success of Twentieth Century Fox Television over the past fifteen years and we are so proud of all we’ve accomplished together. As we move forward, we will look to each of you to step up and take on even greater leadership. You’ve established an environment where creators are free to develop their biggest and boldest ideas, and we’ve placed those projects where they have had the best chance to succeed. That will not change. We’ll continue to support the visions of our creators, wherever they may lead us. 

To our colleagues at the network, we couldn’t be more excited to be joining you later this month.  We have a long history of creating and nurturing culturally-defining programming together, from The Simpsons to The X-Files to Glee to name just a few. And over the years you have enjoyed tremendous success with iconic programming from outside suppliers and have fantastic relationships with creators and production companies all over town. Be assured the network will remain committed to developing the boldest ideas, no matter the sources. We want the best shows on FBC, period. A thriving FBC will mean a more fertile ground to nurture the passion projects of all creators. 

We are also happy to be joining Peter Rice‘s team of extraordinarily talented managers at Fox Networks Group. We’ve had wonderful relationships in the past and our new structure means even more collaboration in the future, which will benefit the studio and the network.

So now, we ask you to join us as the real work begins. We look forward to leading this new Fox TV Group to greater heights than either company has achieved singularly.  And we’ll do it together.