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Daniel Craig Is Feeling the Bern, Donates Money to Bernie Sanders

James Bond actor shells out $47,300 to a super PAC supporting Democratic presidential candidate

Call him Sanders. Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic presidential candidate may not have the glitzy Hollywood backing that Hillary Clinton enjoys. But, as it turns out, at least one powerful icon is #FeelingtheBern: James Bond

Daniel Craig, the English actor currently playing the iconic British spy, recently made a $47,300 donation to a super PAC that supports Sanders, according to the Center for Public Integrity.

But the generous donation could be at the victim of a dubious financial scheme.

Cary Lee Peterson, the super PAC’s founder, is facing a number of legal and financial problems. According to documents reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity, Peterson has been ordered to pay creditors hundreds of thousands of dollars for breaching contracts.

Peterson’s legal trouble have raised questions about where the money Craig donated actually ended up, especially considering Sanders is not a fan of Super PACS and has asked Peterson to stop soliciting donations on the senator’s behalf.

Through his representative, Craig told TheWrap via email: “I made a donation to this organisation in good faith as I understood it to support Senator Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. Currently, I have been informed of no evidence to question that my donation has not been used as intended. Should that situation occur, then clearly, I will review my position.”

Peterson told the Center for Public Integrity that he was happy to have received Craig’s donation and would continue to support Sanders whether the candidate likes it or not.