Daniel Radcliffe Fights for ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in ‘The Gamechangers’ Trailer (Video)

Drama from “Black Mirror” director Owen Harris premieres on BBC 2 on Sept. 15

Daniel Radcliffe stars as the creator of “Grand Theft Auto” in a new trailer for BBC Films’ “The Gamechangers.”

The movie chronicles the true story of the legal fight of Sam Houser (Radcliffe), the British developer who helped create the violent and controversial video game “Grand Theft Auto,” against American attorney Jack Thompson (Bill Paxton), who opposed the game‘s glorification of violence.

“These recent revelations demonstrate what little regard these Brits have for the welfare of our children,” Paxton says in the video.

“The Gamechangers” was written by James Wood, and was produced by Jim Spencer and executive produced by Mark Hedgecoe.

The movie will premiere on BBC 2 Sept. 15.