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Daniel Radcliffe’s Farting Corpse Movie: Watch the ‘Swiss Army Man’ Trailer (Video)

The controversial Sundance award winner hits theaters June 17

The first trailer for what might have been the most divisive film of the 2016 Sundance film festival, “Swiss Army Man” — a.k.a., Daniel Radcliffe‘s farting corpse movie — is here.

The film follows a marooned island castaway (Paul Dano), who finds and befriends the dead, flatulent body in question (“Harry Potter” alum Radcliffe), a relationship that inspires him to leave the island and find the woman of his dreams (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

The trailer starts with Hank getting ready to hang himself before he discovers the corpse washing up on the shore. Things suddenly get weird when the corpse starts talking back, after which Hank is shown using the corpse as a grappling hook launcher, a rocket and a motorboat. But as Hank notes: Is all this real, or is he hallucinating from starvation?

Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, “Swiss Army Man” was a polarizing film at Sundance this year, causing multiple moviegoers to reportedly walk out of theaters. That didn’t stop A24 from jumping to pick up the rights to the film at Park City, nor did it keep Kwan and Scheinert from winning Sundance’s Best Director prize.

The trailer is already set to reach two million views on YouTube less than 48 hours after hitting the Internet, which is quite an achievement for a film that doesn’t have the built-in hype of other summer releases like “Suicide Squad.”

“Swiss Army Man” hits theaters on June 17.

Watch the trailer above.